Beaverstate Dental’s equipment is not just built to sell, it is built to use for many years. Down time is very expensive to a dental practice. Reliability and longevity are advantages of our engineered simplicity to provide continuous performance. From the installation through the life of the products, durability and reliability are maximized in every unit.

Beaverstate Dental provides dental equipment for any budget. From a single handpiece control to a full operatory our complete equipment line is cost effective from installation through the life of the product. Dental equipment is not required to be complex or expensive to be reliable and efficient. Keeping things simple provides cost savings by eliminating expensive service calls and providing solid performance from day to day.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophisitication” Leonardo DaVinci - Beaverstate Dental focuses on keeping our products simple yet functional. This eliminates technical issues and provides greater reliability and performance in the equipment that is produced. From handpiece controls to operatory chairs our products provide the required functions and operation with fewer components and simpler designs.

All Beaverstate Dental Products are hand built by experienced technicians with focus on the end users. From individual components to complete units, great pride is taken in all aspects of assembly. Our final assemblies are tested twice and include a personalized signed photo of the technician that produced them assuring care and quality are built in.